The Greatest Injustice

Over 20,000 elephants are killed each year.
But that’s illegal.

Nearly 600,000 Americans are killed by cancer every year.
But everyone is looking for a cure.

Over 640,000 men died during the American Civil War.
But everyone knows that was a tragedy.

Over 1,000,000 babies are butchered each year by abortion.
And that is legal.

There were 11,000,000 people killed in the entire Holocaust.
But there have been 53,000,000 babies killed in the United States alone since abortion became legal in 1973.

The greatest crime in history is happening right beneath America’s nose, and she is silent.
How long will this go on?

What is abortion?
It is the killing of an unborn baby in his mother’s womb.
The beginning of each life’s story takes place in the womb of a child’s mother – a warm, dark, and safe place, where life should be allowed to flourish and thrive. But, tragically, due to abortion, this is now the place where a great many life stories also end.

There is no doubt that the babies growing in the womb are alive. Even without the aid of an ultrasound, this is obvious. What child whose mother was entrusted with the great and noble duty of carrying a precious little brother or sister in her tummy has not been told, “Come here, feel – the baby is moving”?  And now that technology has given us eyes to see into the womb, known in Japanese as “the palace of the child” (The Joyful Mysteries of Life, by Catherine and Bernard Scherrer), we can not only feel, but see, that life is flourishing there. We see the tiny fingers, the fragile eyelids, the miraculous little feet. We watch them move and grow, doing so many things children outside the womb do – such as sucking their thumbs.  We know that their little hearts begin beating just days after that miraculous moment known as conception, that they can feel pain long before they know the sights and sounds of this outside world. They eat, they breathe, they even swim. The world inside the womb is a regular fairy-land, a marvelous little universe, all for the precious baby’s own use in his wondrous first nine months of life. Cristopher Columbus’ first exploration was not of his childhood town, but of his mother’s womb.

And yet now the wonder of this magical place is being belittled, intruded upon, and horribly defiled. It has become the scene of 53 million murders, and more. It has become stained with blood and darkened by sin. For we have let the lie take foothold that children are not worth the world. We have let frightened young women be fooled into thinking that their marvelous privilege of motherhood is not a privilege at all, nor even a duty, but a burden. We have let the lie grow until it has darkened the skies of America’s once brilliant mind, and made her so very thick-skulled that she cannot see the beautiful little inmate of the womb as a person at all, but merely as a problem that must be solved.

Yet is a palace less beautiful because its beauty has been hidden? Is an ocean less wonderful because its waters have been smeared with oil? The womb still retains its dignity, although its dignity has been trampled. The child within the womb still retains his majesty, though the crown of glory has been snatched from off his head. It is our challenge, it is our duty, it is our privilege, to put these little kings and queens back on their throne – the throne, not of power, but of respect and care and love, the throne that every newborn baby is seated in when he comes into a family that loves him with all their hearts. This throne of love is not only for newborns. It is for the not yet born as well. And we should not rest until this truth – this ringing, shining, glorious truth – is let loose from the ugly fetters the world has clamped upon it, and set free once more to soar above the skies.

Someday this holocaust will be ended. And we must be determined to be known, not as the Nazis or the slave-traders or even as those who stood idly by, but as the abolitionists, as the freedom-lovers, as those on fire for truth and truth’s liberty.

What can we do?

Knowing what to do in a world so overrun by wickedness that murder is allowed by law can seem impossible, especially to a kid like me who is too young to vote. But if I start to think about what I can do, it is not long before I have a whole list of ways to help.

The first thing people might want to do when they learn of the horrors of abortion is to go out and stop it – to lead a modern crusade against evil – to go stand in the front lines and do something. I know I wish I could be right where all the action is. But there are lots of ways to help besides holding public debate with abortion-minded politicians. Making a stand at a peaceful protest outside an abortion mill is one. Giving money or supplies to a Pregnancy Center is another. Bumper stickers on the back of cars helps get the message out, as do pro-life T-shirts. And we can always write to those in political authority, telling them how very important the pro-life cause is. What we don’t do sends a message, too. There are far too many businesses out there that support the abortion industry; these must be boycotted.

Then, in addition to all the little ways – or ways that we don’t know how big they are, rather – there is one gigantic way to help. This way is prayer. I know sometimes that sounds almost disappointing to those eager to do something about abortion. But really it is the biggest thing we can do. As Christ himself said, some demons can only be driven out through prayer and fasting.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

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